Dr. Robert L. DuPont's Op-Ed Regarding CBD Published by The Washington Examiner

Building on the recent testimony of IBH President Robert L. DuPont, MD to the FDA regarding the exploding commercialization of cannabidiol (CBD), The Washington Examiner published an op-ed on this important topic. Dr. DuPont observes that “[t]he irrational enthusiasm for the medical use cannabidiol, or CBD, is unique and frightening. We are watching the explosive creation of a multibillion-dollar industry poised to make tremendous profits off desperate patients and their loved ones…Anecdotes and testimonials, not science, are driving the marketing of unregulated, nonprescription forms of CBD. This scenario is reminiscent of 19th century patent medicines. These concoctions claimed to cure every known condition; their peddlers were commonly known as ‘snake oil’ salesmen.”

Click here to read Dr. DuPont’s full op-ed on The Washington Examiner website.

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